Generalist Demo Reel

This reel features work from my independent projects World Of The Fluffs, ILook Good, and Fry Away. In both World Of The Fluffs and Fry Away I was responsible for all aspects of the pipeline, from concept art to final compositing. This reel highlights my animation, rigging, modelling, texturing, grooming, lighting and compositing work in both projects. 'I Look Good' is an animation lip sync exercise, using a Long Winter Rig.

Software used:
Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Xgen, Redshift, Nuke, After Effects


World Of The Fluffs (2019)

World Of The Fluffs documents the struggles of a sentient piece of fluff that lives in a pair of gloves. It must prepare a nest for the coming winter months, and learns that sometimes the best way to get something done is to accept the kindness of others.

A film by Chaisi Glover
Music: Doug Parth
Sound FX: Doug Parth and Jacob Kazakoff
Narration: James Andrews

Thank you to all my instructors, friends, and family who helped make this film possible.

For a side by side comparison of the animatic and the final movie go here :)